The Wizard of Chromatography

As a young girl I must have watched The Wizard of Oz a couple of thousand times. The exhilarating tale of a young woman learning meaningful lessons from others along her yellow brick road has been a resonating influence throughout my life. After meeting Mr. Terry Layne of C-Vue Chromatography located in Greenville, South Carolina, I couldn't help but draw the parallel of Dorothy's journey the Emerald City to meet the great and powerful Oz. Mr. Layne has had a flourishing career as a chemical analyst and chromatography expert working with companies providing analytical laboratory equipment for over forty years.


He recently took his experiences to the next level after South Carolina's adoption of an industrial hemp pilot program. Terry saw a growing need to empower farmers with technology to better understand cannabinoid production. He believes if the farmer is informed on cannabinoid values, then she/he can get the maximum price for material at the market and will also know the exact time to harvest. The focus has been on providing a rapid potency test displaying the CBGA biological pathway including CBGA, CBG, CBDA, CBD, THCA, THC & CBN however he has also developed methods to read other cannabinoids such as CBC. 


The technology he has designed is hand rendered and masterfully crafted by Katie, a Local Greeneville, South Carolina artist. The software program and small laptop accompanied with the device was also custom built by a software designer. Mr. Layne crafted the machine to be both economically efficient and user friendly. On his website you can access youtube videos and methods he has developed to learn more.


Paige Thompson