Hemp Seed Protein

In most countries hemp seed has been bred for its superior oil content, however, science has sparked increasing popularity of the proteins found in hemp seed. This is attributed to its complete amino acid structure containing edestin, albumin and rare sulfur proteins. These sulfur amino acids, methionine and cysteine, are responsible for cell detoxification. Cell detoxification is essentially unraveling a days work on the cellular level. Hemp protein is also more digestible and bioavailable compared to other protein sources because your body produces similar amino acids. Edestin, a globulin protein is found in blood plasma and also aids in hormone production and regulation. Heightened digestibility of hemp protein isolate vs. soy isolate has been contributed to the 75% edestin protein content, the rest consists of the protein albumin. When present in skincare products the proteins aid in nutrient absorption when applied to the surface of the epidermis. One to two tablespoons of dehulled hemp seeds will provide 5-10g of protein. Hemp hearts are great used as a topping or incorporated into smoothies. Some people use isolated protein powder as a heart healthy tool to promote balanced cardiovascular functioning. These proteins powders contain even more grams of protein per serving than hulled hemp seeds or hemp hearts totaling approximately 10-20g per serving. 


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Paige Thompson